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Clear float glass (2mm-25mm)
Products advantages:
1. Transparent glass has a high light transmittance of 85-90.8%.
2. Good thickness, evenness and a min thickness warp within +0.05mm.
3. High precision of cutting dimension within +1mm
4. Strict control of visible blemish.
5. All products are customized to meet customer’s requirements.
Advanced float glass production lines have four main advantages:
1. Automatic production control. The control system was introduced from Germany, connects the
M.F.T.B and A.L into one system.
2. First-class on-line inspection system. The laser defects inspection system imported from Germany,
can dynamically and continuously inspect and display different glass on-line.
3. Worldwide first-class equipment for hot and cold end.
4. World top-rank automatic glass cutting and packaging line.
Clear float glass
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